Start Showing Up On Video And Sell Out Your Next Launch Before 2020

  • Are you feeling frustrated not seeing the results you want or reaching your goals in your business?

  • Have you tried all the things, but still hearing crickets in your content and your offers?

  • Are you ready to level up in business and on video?

  • You feel insecure about how to start showing up consistently on video?


Then my 6 week 1:1 coaching program is for you!


In Strategic Video Growth you will:

  • Become fearless on video and start showing up as the powerful, next-level you.

  • Craft a powerful video strategy to help you sign clients through your videos.

  • Optimize your videos for engagement and start building your community of ideal clients ready to buy from you.

  • Become confident in selling your next offer on video, build trust, and create a seamless funnel to take your warm audience to leads and customers.

My name is Ellen Olsen. I am a video coach with a passion for helping female entrepreneurs grow their businesses by showing up on video. My purpose is to help you reach your dream!



Ellen was very invested in helping me remove all the blocks that stopped me from creating videos that I'm happy with. The coaching with her allowed me to find the style of video creation that fits me the most. During the coaching I was also able to overcome my fears and start posting videos on new platforms and formats.

— IG: @annaforest_



Since working with Ellen, I have set up my own YouTube channel. My intention starting out was just to do prerecorded Facebook videos but with Ellen’s guidance and encouragement I felt empowered to be able to take that next step. She brought great knowledge and encouragement to each session, and she held me accountable where I needed it. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.



More Client Love

I understood that other people also have or had the same issues. And I was able to come up with a solution too. I was made comfortable straight away even though I have had bad previous coaching experiences I was wary in the beginning. But Ellen seems very genuine and what you see is what you get! Lovely sweet lady who knows how to listen, makes the mentee feel good about themselves!
I loved the idea bank and the thought of not having to know everything, or have something super interesting to video to get started - this was a huge block for me when trying to create something, so thinking of this in a new way feels good.

What We Will Cover

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And anything else you need help with!


The Program Includes

  • One hour Zoom call once a week

  • 24h access to Ellen via Whatsapp for the duration of the program

  • Accountability for reaching your goals

  • Access to any group programs or courses that are launched during the 6 weeks

  • Access to video growth and business building resources


Are you ready to show up as the next-level YOU on video?

Are you ready to sell out your next launch?

Are you ready to grow your engagement, without overworking yourself?

Strategic Video Growth is going to take you there!


$433 USD

6 week 1:1 coaching